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Xperience AI

Please note, the businesses listed below were from our 2024 Xperience AI trail, this is subject to change in 2025

Find the newest AI integrations for customer engagement technology in this curated tech trail

Understanding where to find the right AI tools is becoming increasingly essential to any technology sourcing strategy. But with endless artificial intelligence firms constantly popping up across today’s marketplace, it’s hard to know which provider will be the right fit for your business!

Enter Xperience AI

At the Customer Connect Expo, we make AI technology sourcing straightforward. Within our exhibition hall, we’ve curated various artificial intelligence providers, each specializing in a different application of the technology in customer experience provision. Throughout Xperience AI, you’ll be able to meet with the minds behind these solutions, see the tools in action, and better envision the difference they might make to your operation.

Get to know the businesses selected for Xperience AI a little better below

  • Deepgram
  • RowBotAI
  • MiaRec
  • BigProfiles

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