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The enterprise tech world is evolving with newer ambitions. While the wings of innovation are spreading
to newer skies, the technologists are finding it hard to play catch-up and are making sure they are in tune

with the technology juggernaut. CIOCoverage aims to bridge this very gap that exists between the tech-
savvy where he rests, in the very heart of it. Awakening a keen insight in you to move along the flow,

CIOCoverage works to make the entrepreneurs, versatile to the sturdy technological influences. We
specialise in unfurling the latest and the voguish technology, conglomerating even the meticulous details
from every arena of technology. We assimilate the most required ways of contemplation to guide our
dear readers to make it to the top, briskly. We intend to incubate the technological sorcery and succour
our elite readers to espouse the ‘learn-from-peer’ approach, to not only curb the U.S. market but also,
create a big difference as an enterprise. CIOCoverage intends to bring all the aforementioned aspects
together. The industry CEOs, CXOs and the CIOs are key decision makers in their respective
organization, and they need to be aware and abreast of all the latest advancements and technological
surges, while also be thoughtful of the impeding pain points and help themselves evolve different ways to
address those. Our editions will bring together all such areas which are considered prominent, be its
technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud and other novel trends, or in driving innovations and practices

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