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Smile CX (a Covisian Company)

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Smile CX is the new revolutionary technology that finds the right balance between AI and humans to achieve the best customer experience ever. Smile CX belogs to Covisian Group.
Covisian is the high-tech leader provider of customer services with more than 27 years of expertise. Thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and the help of more than 23.000 professionals Covisian solves the problems of people and companies worldwide.
In the era of technology, businesses face a dilemma: Should they evolve towards technology-driven interactions, sacrificing the human touch for efficiency, or strike to find the perfect balance?
Covisian's vision to revolutionize customer management is the integration of human intelligence and generative artificial intelligence. A unique solution that enhances human intelligence and empathy taking advantage of the efficiencies generated by AI, ensuring a consistently excellent customer experience.
Covisian has designed a distinctive portfolio of software products tailored for companies seekeing to excel in Customer Experience (CX) that have been developed and tested internally, that resolve the needs of large corporations (which we know from our over 27 years of experience in customer management). 

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