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Recognized as a leader in Conversational AI for providing automation in hours to days and not months, Got It AI has built the world's first Autonomous Conversational AI that AutoDiscovers Virtual Agent unique to your enterprise for customer support and contact center automation use cases.

Got It AI leverages Generative AI and enables Virtual Agents by automatically generating and easily visualizing dialog paths unique to your customer journeys, thereby providing high automation rates. Obtain upfront containment estimates and scalable, secure, and future-proof virtual agent deployments that can run in Got It AI's open source NLU/Dialog Manager or any popular third-party NLU/Dialog Manager.

Deliver Virtual Agents that mimic your best support agents autonomously, regardless of the channel, including support articles — simply point a Got It AI AutoArticle Bot to your knowledge base articles! You will get a bot with ZERO configuration that can assist users in multi-turn conversational knowledge delivery from those articles. Manual Q&A configuration is no longer necessary: eliminating a huge headache of maintenance and updates.

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